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  • Best affirmations for every day life - Love, Money, Happiness

    Best affirmations for every day life - Love, Money, Happiness

    Best affirmations for every day life!

    Do you know how powerful affirmations are?

    Sick of being negative and attracting negative experiences into your life? Want to manifest your soul mate, love, happiness, success, wealth and introduce children to having a healthy, positive mindset?  Read on…

    Here at Love From Me Co we do and we are here to show you just how easy it is to incorporate this easy practice into your daily routine – it literally takes a few minutes per day! Sounds easy – right?!

    We love affirmations SO MUCH that we made our first release of our line – children affirmation cards! We made these easy to use, beautiful to look at, interactive, unique & FUN!

    Everything else that was on the market was a little dated (IMO) and not interactive… so let’s dive into the whole affirmation process and get you my love started with simple, powerful and quick ways to start…


    So what are affirmations?

    Well put simply, affirmations are anything that you say or think to yourself over and over again.  

    So, my love... when was the last time you said something nice about yourself?
    Or informed your children about the importance of their inner dialogue?

    Science or not, we believe that the more you focus on something, the bigger it gets, and the more you create it as a focus in your life.

    Positive affirmations are mantras and a practise (in whichever way works for you and makes you FEEL GOOD).  This practise help overcome self-doubt, negative thinking and fear.



    The best way to get started with affirmations is to choose an area of your life that you want to focus on.

    That could be love, money, baby, career, success, happiness, whatever you want it to be!

    To make starting easy we have included our most popular areas that people want to focus on and simple affirmations to get you started.  Start with 2-3 and repeat those affirmations from the list below every morning and every evening.

    This little hack is to train your mind to start the day with a positive outlook and end it with a positive thought, keep doing this over the next month and REALLY believe what you are saying and watch your life change!




    BEST AFFIRMATIONS to get you started for

    Love & Relationships

    1. I am only attracting relationships into my life that are filled with respect, joy, communication and love
    2. The more love I send out, the more love I receive back. I give love out easily and watch it come back to me multiplied.
    3. I know that the perfect person is out there for me manifesting me right now
    4. I am in a loving, supportive and loyal relationship
    5. I deserve love, intimacy, friendship and romance
    6. I am grateful and blessed for the wonderful relationships already in my life and know the rest is on it’s wat to me
    7. I only settle for loving, respectful and supportive relationships


    BEST AFFIRMATIONS to get you started for


    1. I love money and money loves me
    2. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly
    3. When I give money I give it with love and gratitude and when I receive it back I thank the universe and know that money is always coming back to be multiplied
    4. I am open and receptive to new ways of receiving money
    5. I love creating a passive, flexible residual income where I can be doing non work-related activities and receive consistent abundant flow
    6. When I pay a bill, I send it off with love, gratitude and accept that the money I give out comes back to me multiplied
    7. I am worthy of making more money
    8. I do not put a limit on how much money I can make. I am attracting 5,6,7 even 8 figure months into my amazing business/career/lifestyle

    BEST AFFIRMATIONS to get you started for


    1. When I make a conscious effort to prioritise my health and take time for exercise once a day I feel rejuvenated, blessed and healthy
    2. I am full of energy and love
    3. My mind reflects my reality. I choose to take time to be calm and at peace
    4. I listen to my body as it is always sending me messages. I am healthy and deserve to glow and feel good
    5. Everyday I am getting healthier, stronger and more Intune with my beautiful body
    6. I manifest thriving health by making smart choices
    7. I love my body just the way it is



    BEST AFFIRMATIONS to get you started for


    1. Good things are happening for me. Good things are on their way to me
    2. I choose today to be happy, grateful and deserving of another beautiful day ahead
    3. I am grateful to be alive in a beautiful body, thriving successful mind and it is my joy to live another day
    4. Being happy is easy, when I choose happiness life is so easy
    5. I am deeply fulfilled by the work I do and what I contribute to the world
    6. I choose to replace anger with happiness and realize we are all on the same time, being angry is a wasted emotion. Being happy is easy.