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  • COVID-19 and the effects on your children's mental health and well being

    COVID-19 and the effects on your children's mental health and well being

    How are your children doing with all of the fear in society, time off of school, not understanding what is going on, and all of the changes they are seeing?

    How are you doing as a parent or carer right now? Are you feeling stressed, worried or fearful?

    Your child can feel your energy, stress, anger, worry anxiety and fear.

    Children are susceptible of mirroring those closest around them so right now, your energy, emotions and feelings are important for your child to instil a positive mindset, healthy thoughts and an acceptance of the current world we are living in. 

    Having a household with open communication between you and your children is so important right now, so you know how their mental health and well being is doing.

    Introducing affirmation cards and positive habits during this time is not only something that will help your child, you and your household, it will also help your child in school, with their friends, their teachers and whoever else they may communicate with. 

    The power of affirmations are endless, especially at such a young age, your child may learn how to navigate stressful situations, staying calm, being kind and caring to all, use of manners, understanding that everyone is different, knowing that everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to their own, and just knowing that everything will be okay no matter what happens!

    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

    Instil positive habits from a young age, and watch your children become happy beings!  

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