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  • Love From Me | Non Screen Time Activities ☼ | Affirmations

    Love From Me | Non Screen Time Activities ☼ | Affirmations


    Looking for activities that don't involve screen time for your family?

    ​Look no further then our beautiful, unique children affirmation cards 📣😍that were created here in Australia from Love From Me.

    👉What ages are Love From Me decks for?
    ​ALL AGES - the best part is these benefit the whole family. Majority of our customers have kiddies in the age groups of 4-13!  We have had customers with kids as young as 6 months old. 

    👉What is included in the Love From Me decks?

    ​1. 25 affirmation cards, all include multiple, fun, relatable affirmations.  Our affirmations have been made to be "NEW AGE" to help to be relatable to everything that goes on in this day & age.  We have affirmations that counter bullying, promote confidence, promote kindness, acceptance, differences etc 

    ​2. Instructions & tips to help your family harness the beautiful affirmation practice!

    ​3. MEET THE GANG theme - we have 9 characters all with names that have been featured throughout the deck to really promote interaction, light heartedness & FUN!

    ​4. COLOURING IN CARDS - YES! We wanted to included colouring in cards as colouring in has so many positive benefits that assist with the affirmation practise & of course the little ones LOVE IT 😅👏



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