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  • Positive Affirmations versus meditation: How does the two compare?

    Positive Affirmations versus meditation: How does the two compare?

    Positive Affirmations versus meditation: How does the two compare?

    On this blog we are going to differentiate affirmation from meditation. I am sure that a lot of you may have wondered that both are almost the same in action, thoughts and wording. So what is the difference really? Let me explain to you that I was practicing meditation before I discovered how self-empowering affirmation was.

    In my opinion. Affirmations are goal oriented while meditation is goal-less.

    I meditate to help me bring back my inner core and to be equanimous, and I also use my self-affirmation cards to stop negative habits and to cultivate new ones and I find that it is very helpful. My mind remembers affirmations during the day and assists me to act the way I want.

    Our mind is beautiful, but it’s also stubborn and weak, once we realize and accept our weakness, it is also simple to reprogram it, and words are powerful! I believe that it is also why mantras and affirmations are so alike in various meditation practices. Affirmations is also effective in guided meditations.

    In my viewpoint, it might be great to rely on mindfulness, and in practice. I do find affirmations to be shortcuts that deliver results, even when I’m very tired and unable to sit down and meditate.

    What is an Affirmation?

    Affirmation simply means cultivating a positive thought to negate over the negative thought. The use of our beautiful, unique Love From Me Co affirmation cards provides positive emotional support to a person with good vibes or even to a distraught person. It is a positive assertion and declaration of truth.

    For example

    I am grateful for my everyday blessings, however small or big. Tomorrow is going to give me good bounty:”


    What is Meditation

    In dictionary, meditation is defined as a “process of thinking deeply”, “to focus on something for a specific period of time”, “process of a mental exercise to give relief to mind”, “listen to your heart to achieve spirituality”.

    Overall, doing both at the same time in a span of 21 days helps you to live a stress free life. The bonus of practicing this daily habit of picking up our affirmation cards is that you gain a self-empowerment and confidence, plus if you affirm for something, it will manifest right before your eyes.

    We should develop the habit of affirmation to promote clarity and happiness to mind. Couple this with meditation, you can never know what great heights you will achieve for your goals!


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