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  • What every Boss Babe needs - The Boss Babe Affirmation Card Deck | Empowering the modern woman!

    What every Boss Babe needs - The Boss Babe Affirmation Card Deck | Empowering the modern woman!

    COMING JAN 2022! The Love From Me Co Boss Babe Affirmation Card Deck.


    This deck is to empower, inspire, motivate and ignite your FIRE ENERGY withINto step into the highest version of yourself! ❤️‍🔥

    Created for the modern woman, this deck is real, raw and sexy. 

    Helping guide you through the modern world as a woman, assist in your mindfulness journey, and embrace an attitude of gratitude with a hint of not giving a F*CK about what anyone thinks!  Encouraging you to live fully, embrace life, love and embody who you are and assist with self care. 

    This positive, uplifting and empowering deck is for any woman at any stage, phase or age - as long as it vibes with you! INjoy this unique deck, there is surely nothing else like it out there! 

    This is for the women who are being called to:

    ✨Shedding from limiting beliefs, self-doubts and encoding your mind with loving, nurturing and healing vibes

     ✨Connect to your deeper truth

    ✨Embody who you truly are and step into your full power and potential

    ✨Deepening your relationship with yourself, to yourself for yourself

    ✨Living in LOVE and embracing LIFE

    ✨Feeling safe, grounded and loved in your vessel

    ✨Remembering who you are and your worth

    ✨Returning and strengthening to your inner source of self love

    ✨Infusing your world with what you desire with peace, love and YOUR BOSS BABE FIRE ENERGY

    ✨Facing fears, unconscious patterns, shadows and triggers from within

    ✨Build your self-esteem, set healthy boundaries and become a bad ass boss bitch in the process!

    ✨Become more confident, work towards your goals, embrace more personal growth and success without the procrastination and negative mindset that is holding you back


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