1:1 Offerings in Manly, QLD 1:1 Offerings in Manly, QLD

Meet Heidi

Welcome to Love From Me Co Rituals and Apothecary, a sacred sanctuary for divine healing, deep connection and exploration.
When in service, all treatments are held in ritual and ceremony.

Energy & Space 

The energy that is being held for each booking is sacred, from the time of booking, the energy is being stirred up. I welcome you to be aware to anything that is coming up in your life before, during and after this session, to share what you feel, to be open, and to arrive as you are. 
Each and every session commences long before your arrival, being a cleansed vessel, cleansing the space, and inviting in the highest energy for your healing. 
Setting up the elements to mirror you on the table, under the table as an altar, each session includes intentionally and intuitively selected items for your bodywork treatment or journey. 

Connection, Ritual & Ceremony 

Your treatment is held in ritual and ceremony to honour your sacred time for healing and recalibration. 


Stripping back from conventional approaches, mainstream and 'normality' when in this space. Any products used through out your treatment or journeys include my hand crafted organic ritual oils, balms, to be anointed and used, and or organic or biodynamic when available fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil. 
Understanding our bodies are all different, please advise any allergies or scents, essential oils you do not like or have a preference of. 


It is with deep gratitude, respect and honour to be meeting your energy, treating you, and working with you on this land. 
Acknowledging the traditional owners of this land the Quandamooka, Turrbul and Yugerra Peoples and their Elders, may their stories, wisdom and knowledge be shared and felt as we serve on their land.
With love I serve to the land, the spirits, ancestors and our great mother.

A coming home, to yourself

With Heidi 
Love From Me was born through stepping inside and going on a deep self-discovery inward. Stepping into my thoughts and going on the spiral path of finding my true authentic self, embodying that, and falling in love with   the process of birth, experience, and death and rebirth in all forms.
This was a profoundly painful, yet pleasurable experience. After some deep experiences that felt impossible to integrate in this reality, I had to step out of my thoughts, and into my body, connecting myself deeply to the earth, and balancing my body, mind and spirit.
Come with me..... into the portal of all that is, deep within your heart……
Remember, reclaim, reconnect, reprogram and heal.
This path is a path for life, and I am so joyful to share the journey withIN with the use of beautiful tools and practises that have helped guide me home to my inner world.
Remember we can only go as deep as you are willing to go, open to see, ready to feel.....

Love From Me, To you 

Thank you for taking this journey, and I hope you fall in love with life too! 
Heids x

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥