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    Affirmations for your grief journey


    Grief is so personal; everyone journeys and experiences it so differently.

    Like water, unpredictable, so delicate and yet at the same time, so powerfully destructive.

    Grieving can feel like you don’t want to live.

    It can manifest physically with pain in the body, inability to get out of bed, eat, or to walk.

    It can feel like you are out of your body, like you just aren’t ‘here’, on autopilot. fleeing from the traumatic processing, the shock, the denial, and unacceptance of death.

    Nothing matters, not one thing.

    The emptiness you may be feeling right now, is love looking for somewhere to go

    The last thing you may want to do or even think of, is practising affirmations, and that is ok, you don’t have to, and maybe you aren’t ready to.

    There is power in your healing and grieving, our pain, our suffering, our darkest days, thoughts and experiences can be alchemised into light, peace and love.


    • I let myself experience the depth of emotions
    • I feel a little lighter today
    • I know we will reunite in the spirit world
    • It’s ok to feel joy
    • Each moment feels different, and that is ok
    • Its ok that I am alive
    • I will take care of my needs first today
    • I am learning to live my life differently
    • In each moment, I love myself
    • I am kind and gentle with myself
    • If all I do today is wake up, that is enough
    • It is ok for me to feel happiness
    • I feel the spirit of my loved one with me in my heart
    • I am open to new experiences that will bring me love and joy to my life
    • I am worthy of healing
    • I am guided by my loved one