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  • Affirmations – everything you need to know… the Love From Me story

    Affirmations – everything you need to know… the Love From Me story

    Affirmations – everything you need to know… the Love From Me story

    What are affirmations? How do I use affirmations? Are affirmations scientifically proven? When do I use affirmations?

    I hear you! It is a little overwhelming when you first get started but it does not have to be! It really is an easy practise that takes a few minutes each day! 

    So why affirmations from Love From Me Co?

    Our beautiful card decks have been made with love and designed and created locally in Australia.  Each and every affirmation has been thought about with love and intention, made to be relatable and fun.

    It was a little passion project after the co-founder kept finding herself surrounded by negative self-talk, attracting negative experiences into her life, depressed, anxious and at times questioning if life is worth living (deep I know, but let us fill you in about what changed)!

    Rosie knew something had to change, so searching high and wide for an affirmation deck that worked for her and what she was going through she literally could not (maybe a bit picky some would say).

    She found all of them to be either really dated, super spiritual, all about the universe (even though we do love that stuff) but it wasn’t relatable, raw and real enough…. it was the same old quotes about love and light and she needed something relatable and inspiring.   

    So that’s how Love From Me Co was born – Rosie wanted new-age, modern, spiritual but not too spiritual, fun, interactive and inspiring ways for people to become more positive and mindful.

    How do I get started with affirmations?


    When Rosie first started to look at changing her mindset, the way she thought, the way her inner dialogue was programmed and how to get out of this “funk “ she describes it as uncomfortable to start saying these things that you don’t necessarily believe… take for example

    “I love money and money loves me”, or “I am beautiful just the way I am” – typical affirmations that are everywhere – that’s all good and well but it is not going to work if you don’t mean it when you say, when you don’t believe it – like truly believe it…

    So then what is the point if I don’t believe what I am saying/affirming to myself?

    Well the more you say something the bigger it gets. 

    You can say something negative to yourself – what we like to call “negative affirmations” and that creates that negative outlook and experiences in your life.  The more you say something to yourself the more it becomes a focus in your life.

    So to get you started on your affirmation journey, we encourage you to choose 1-3 affirmations each week that are relatable to you and say them, write them, voice record yourself each morning and each night. You will literally find yourself chanting it over and over in your head like an annoying song….” I am beautiful, money flows to me easily”……

    and guess what after a few weeks you will start to program your mind to believe it! Try it! I dare you… what’s the worst that could happen?!