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  • Affirmations, rituals, foods, and herbs for hair growth

    Affirmations, rituals, foods, and herbs for hair growth

    affirmations for hair growth

    Your hair holds energy. Its an extension of your nervous system, meaning it sends messages directly to your brain, and this regulates your bodies electromagnetic field.

    Given this, is believed that the ends of your hair follicles work as receptors for your energy.

    It is said, that, when your cut your hair it takes around 3 years to have the ability to send out and receive vital energy, this is why many when they cut there hair, do so for a ‘new me’, ‘new energy’, and can take time to get used to.

    Daily rituals, herbs, and foods to support hair growth

    My ritual practises for my hair look like organic herbal hair oil massages, herbal hair tonics

    Using essential oils and plant infused hydrosols and oils

    I like to make my own hair oil using castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba, vitamin e, and argan oil along with peppermint essential oil, rosemary, lavender, tea tree and thyme. For more potency infuse the oils with these botanicals and herbs for 3-8 weeks.

    along with, daily foods and supplements that support hair growth along with skin and nail support.

    This includes;

    • He Shou wu, a traditional Chinese medicine herb that can aid in hair growth, along with many other things
    • An organic collagen (I slip this in my matcha, turmeric golden milk, or coffee)
    • Organic gelatin gummies or marshmallows (Homemade of course)
    • Bone broths
    • Beef liver/heart capsules
    • Sardines (Wild caught)

    So, lets talk affirmations for hair growth, hair healing, and self love.


    • My hair is strong
    • My hair is long, luscious and vibrant
    • My hair is growing longer every single day
    • I treat my hair with love and care
    • I am grateful for my long hair
    • My hair is glowing
    • My hair follicles are healthy and thriving
    • My hair cells are regenerating, for rapid hair growth
    • I have beautiful hair
    • My scalp is healthy, strong, and protected
    • I love my hair
    • I am thankful for my hair


    And to close off, lets not forget about protection from the elements, everything in balance is important.

    Our hair thrives on sunshine, however, anything in excess is poison and can damage it, this goes to say, the salty sand and beaches. Washing your hair once to twice a week, in clean, filtered water, or even better in a spring, or flowing waterfall, stream, river or creek.