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  • AFFIRMATIONS to enhance your ability to Lucid Dream

    AFFIRMATIONS to enhance your ability to Lucid Dream

    AFFIRMATIONS to enhance your ability to Lucid Dream


    The next dream I have tonight, i will lucid dream


    I remember that I am dreaming


    When I dream, I am aware that I am in a dream


    I easily & effortlessly lucid dream


    I control my dreams


    I intend to lucid dream tonight


    I am awake inside of my dreams


    I am aware you symbols in my dream


    My dreams are always lucid


    I am grateful for my ability to lucid dream


    I am getting better at lucid dreaming


    I naturally lucid dream


    I can lucid dream whenever I desire


    I remember and recall my dreams with great detail


    I know when I am dreaming


    Lucid dreaming is easy  


    I am safe & protected when I lucid dream


    There are a few more deeper steps to allow yourself to be completely open to Lucid dreaming, you may have subtle beliefs that are blocking you, you could possibly have fears for exploring the dream world which is inhibiting your exploration into dream work, or there could be something else deeper.


    Some interesting things to take note and be aware of on your Lucid dreaming journey.

    1. Identify your dream sign, dream symbol or something that will show up in your dreams so that you can ‘wake up’, this can be anything. For me it would show up as a violet purple butterfly, or something so specific that my being just laughs and I look at my hands and realise, oh right, I am in a dream. Make it as specific, as strange as possible, and look for it, call for it in your dreams.
    2. Have pleasant thoughts, visions before you sleep, as this can dictate where your subconscious will take you. If you watch a horror, or mind bending movie, you might be frightened and disturbed if you start lucid dreaming inside this.
    3. Use a guided meditation specific to lucid dream, and have a playlist ready for some theta, frequency or nature sounds
    4. If you find that you are still struggling to lucid dream, try exploring your beliefs with a theta healing practitioner, psychotherapist or similar. If experienced in belief work, journal and explore this yourself with muscle testing and questions to test yourself on
    5. Lucid dreaming is fun, you can learn a lot, expand a lot and heal a lot, however act with caution, especially for beginners, knowing that you are opening up your subtle fields to other planes, realities and dimensions, these are REAL fields and places. There can be energies in these places that mask themselves, or that cannot be seen that follow you back into the physical waking plane. It Is important to have spiritual hygiene.

    I recommend using our ritual bath soaks and interdimensional balm and auric mist, with the use of a mantra, this is like washing your field with liquid gold and violet flames, more powerful when combined with meditation, mantras and prayer.


    Blessings on your lucid dreaming exploration!