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  • Affirmations when feeling overwhelmed

    Affirmations when feeling overwhelmed

    Affirmations when feeling overwhelmed

    Anxiety, overwhelm, crisis and panic can feel all too much sometimes. At times it can feel like doing deep healing work, like you are holding so much of your past, the anxiety of the future, and the ghosts of your ancestors.

    The feeling cant be known, unless experienced, you may feel your heart rate increase, your body temperature rise, an intense amount of thoughts processing in your mind. It’s all energy, trying to move through you. As hard as it can be when in the depth of this process, all you can do is surrender to it, and ask your body what it needs. It may want to move the energy through dance, shaking, breathing, meditation, laying on the earth raw, feeling your emotions, holding your body tightly and swaying, laying in a body of water, pushing onto the wall…..

    When I cannot move, or feel a paralysing fear arise in me, I turn to placing one hand on my heart and one hand on my womb or belly, and tuning into some deep breathes and saying some affirmations, this helps my mind process, this helps my body regulate its sensations, and this helps me calm down.

    This feeling will pass

    I forgive myself

    It is ok to feel

    I am aware of what this feeling is in my body

    I am releasing the tension in my body related to overwhelm

    My mind is clear

    All is well, and all will be well

    My strength, love, and courage is stronger than any other force that I feel, I will get through this

    This too shall pass

    My breath is my anchor

    My body knows how to regulate itself, I am allowing it time, space, and breaths to regulate

    I am kind to myself

    I love myself

    I acknowledge this experience my body is sharing

    My mind and body are resting

    It’s only a moment

    I am in tune with my body and my breath


    It may be important to note that this is just what has helped my journey through my own intense feelings of overwhelm, and psychosis. This is not professional or medical advice.


    Lots of love, and blessings x