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  • Beginners guide to affirmations

    Beginners guide to affirmations

    Affirmations are words, sentences, phrases and repetitive thoughts that subconsciously create your reality.  

    What you are told as a child steams into your belief patterns as an adult.  Starting our babes from an early age will help them feel empowered, confident, kind and evolve into a powerful being that can accomplish anything! 

    It will also assist your child to build a strong mindset so when they are faced with challenging situations, they have the tools and controlled thought patterns to assist them through in a positive way.  

    When you begin practising affirmations you may feel;


     Like you don’t TRULY believe or connect with the phrase

     You may also feel like you are saying it without intention 

    Love From Me Co decks have been made with RELATABLE, UPLIFTING and INSPIRING affirmations that you can really CONNECT, RESONATE & VIBE with!  

    We have made our range FUN, light-hearted, how to stay resilient and keep your mindset strong and healthy.  Our Beginners guide to affirmations addresses all the questions about affirmation cards.