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  • Benefits of womb oil and womb massage

    Benefits of womb oil and womb massage

    Benefits of womb oil and womb massage

    Our Love from me co rituals Womb Oil is a beautiful, hand crafted, deeply potent oil, rich from the infused plant medicine in combination with the healing oils and essential oils.

    Self womb, hara, abdominal and breast massage is nourishing self care and self love ritual, with support on reproductive and digestive levels.

    So not only are you deepening your connection with your body, your femineity, there are also various benefits.

    Some benefits and uses include the following;

    • Increase blood flow and circulation to the uterus
    • Promote blood flow and circulation to the reproductive, and digestive system along with your organs
    • Supports balancing your hormones
    • Regulating your cycle; sluggish cycle, or heavy flow
    • Relieving menstrual cramps, bloating, pain and inflammation associated with PCOS and endo
    • Increasing fertility
    • Aids in releasing stagnation, physical, emotional, energetic
    • Supporting detoxification of the body
    • Scar tissue healing
    • Can prevent and or reverse common forms of pelvic, sexual and reproductive imbalances and stress
    • Call back an absent cycle, or aid in irregular cycles
    • Postpartum recovery
    • Pelvic organ/bladder prolapse
    • Ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids
    • Supporting in perimenopause and menopause
    • Supportive in healing after miscarriage and or termination
    • Encourages displaced uterus to its optimal position
    • Promotes relaxation

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