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  • Cycling with the moon | Menustration Moon cycling | Sacred Cycle | cycle Syncing

    Cycling with the moon | Menustration Moon cycling | Sacred Cycle | cycle Syncing

    The moon and your cycle


    Bleeding with the moon is sacred.

    As the moon journeys its 28 day cycle, so do you, experiencing oscillations in hormones and energy every single day.

    We become a different woman each day, each moment as we cycle.

    You are profound medicine, experiencing death and rebirth every single month with the tides of the moon.


    Traditionally women would sync their cycle to bleed with the new moon.

    The darkest phase of the moon, symbolizing a time for introspection, reflection, setting intentions and planting new seeds, due to your heightened awareness, senses, intuition and psychic abilities.

    Our physical bodies during this time are doing the same as we bleed, it is shedding, releasing, and replenishing to prepare for a new cycle.


    To connect to your cycle, and transition into a more 'sacred cycle' below are some tips;


    1. Your cycle is sacred, whether you are conscious of it being sacred or not, disconnect from the part of yourself that associates to your cycle not being sacred 


    2. Call in some ritual practises and be more present in your day to day ways of being and doing 

    View sacred practises here: https://lovefromme.com.au/blogs/blog/how-to-connect-your-cycle-your-femininity-your-womb-your-yoni-yourself-deeply


    3. Look into getting support for healing, womb work, body work and energy work. 

    Heidi offers these locally in Brisbane, bayside in Manly West and The Sunshine Coast 


    4. Meditate, contemplate, get quiet with you and your womb, and yoni 


    5. Track your cycle, through paper form or via an app, keep a journal and daily over that cycle add 3 points of how you are feeling that day, you may start to see a pattern when you look back and reflect each cycle 


    6. Exercise, and move your body for each phase of your cycle 


    7. Eat and nourish your body for each phase of your cycle 


    8. Drink herbs and botanicals that support the phase of your cycle that you are in