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  • Do Affirmations REALLY work?

    Do Affirmations REALLY work?

    Ok let's settle this once and once only... Do affirmations really work, like actually?


    Yes and No. 🤭***keep reading***

    Affirmations can help get you to a point of discernment, self-love, positive inner self talk, BUT if you are using affirmations to manifest your reality and you aren’t seeing changes in your life – here is why it is not working for you.

    Your mind or your body is still unconsciously dragging you back into your past, or projecting you into your future based on hurtful memories, childhood experiences, trauma, supressed emotions/feelings from these experiences that are stored in your body manifesting as DIS EASE and disharmony.

    Negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, self-abusive thoughts show up in your life as themes, patterns and lessons, and will continue to present themselves until you move through, whatever may be blocking you from being in a state of homeostasis.

    Affirmations are a part of the journey; they are a piece of the puzzle to heal and assist you on your journey - any age, of course!