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  • How to connect your cycle, your femininity, your womb, your yoni….. yourself deeply

    How to connect your cycle, your femininity, your womb, your yoni….. yourself deeply

    Honouring yourself and your sacred cycle. In the West, it seems women, have lost touch with themselves... I treat and meet women everyday that have imbalances like; 

    • Low levels of feelings and sensation in the body
    • Lost connection to self – Heart and Womb
    • Energetic blockages
    • Pelvic pain
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Post-natal nurturing
    • Pregnancy loss, Miscarriage, or termination
    • Disconnected from pleasure, sexuality, sensuality, joy, low libido
    • Pelvic infections / pain
    • Sexual, emotional trauma or abuse 
    • Digestive issues
    • Anxiety, depression and stress
    • Fertility issues
    • Perimenopause / menopause
    • Menstrual imbalances manifesting as PMS, Pain or irregular bleeding
    • Endometriosis
    • Inflammation
    • Lower back pain
    • IBS

    These are considered 'normal', but I am here to tell you that they are NOT, this is your physical body screaming for you to listen.... and not in a way of booking a doctors appointment and getting another pill, another scan, another surgery, seeing the next specialist after the next, or told its all in your head and there is nothing we can do.

    There are UN-invasive, nurturing, ancient rituals that have been practised for thousands on years in the East, and most are ancient women's medicine. 

    Yoni Steaming

    This can be done at different stages throughout your cycle

    I love to steam a few days before I bleed, and the day that my bleed is ending

    A beautiful ancient practise to prepare for your bodies releasing of blood. Helping to release emotions, stagnant energy, balance hormones, ease tension or contraction, heal yeast infections, easing of cramping and discomfort. Steaming the last day of your cycle or the day after promotes to release old blood.

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    Womb Massage

    A nurturing practise that you can do yourself using our beautiful womb balms or oils or anything that you are called to use.

    Practising this before your cycle, during and a few times a week is really soothing and healing, will also elevate pain, discomfort, bloating and will help release old blood.

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    Yoni self massage

    Using our Yoni nectar oil massage your thighs, and labia – a deeply nurturing practise, this oil promotes hydration, balances Ph and smells divine.

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    Castor oil packs

    A weekly castor oil pack and 2 throughout your cycle, wrapping a warm compress in castor oil and with a slight amount of weight compressed on your womb space

    Castor oil packs promote circulation, softens endo and fibroids, eases menstrual cramping


    Journal your visions and dreams

    You are tapped into a powerful time and energy during your cycle…..

    Write down what you want to release and burn it

    On the next day, set intentions and visions for the new cycle beginning


    Offering your bleed to the earth or a body of water

    With prayer, intention, love and healing



    Depending on what you are intending on releasing and what you are calling in for, make up affirmations based on your intentions, visions, dreams and what you are wanting to release


    Bathe in salts, flowers, and oils

    Serenade your body in our body oils, bath soaks and salts – salt is cleansing and remineralising and healing. Our blends are hydrating, and a beautiful self love tool.

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    Most powerfully practised in ritual