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  • How to set a morning practise using affirmations

    How to set a morning practise using affirmations

    Are you a morning person? If not, it may be a good time to set your alarm clock and practice early morning daily affirmations. Waking up early sets a good mood throughout the day, plus it gives you enough time to do more as oppose to waking up late.

    Although, this may vary especially if one has a different shift of work, like our nurses, doctors, and front liners who works for companies that operate 24/7, it won’t matter as long as you choose your own sacred time to do it.

    Whether or not time is permissible, you can always schedule your daily affirmations at a time which you think is convenient and suitable for you. Although the hours before sunrise are considered prime for meditation, I say that anytime you can say your affirmation is a good time. It makes sense, especially when you consider the list of benefits that come with carving out some time each day to restore calm and inner peace.

    Sacred Time for yourself means Loving yourself

    Accordingly, I like to set my alarm clock at 5:45 am daily for a 15 minute of self-retreat, meaning, I can just be alone in my garden, having a cup of my favourite coffee and saying my affirmations and visualizing them. It does make me feel good and energizes me throughout the day. If you need more time, you can do so. Start each day by allocating a “me-time”, best to do it in sunrise or sunset.

    Serenity of the place is also essential, you can shift from a messy to a focused mindset if the environment is quiet, tidy and fresh. Being outside, in the garden, mountain or at a beach is double the effect. It gives you the calmness and tranquillity and a feeling of self-assurance that somehow your affirmations will sow positivity in you and manifests these into reality.

    Visualize Your Words

    When saying your affirmations, try to visualise what you want to happen, in this way, you will be putting energy into those words, breathing life into it and somehow, you will see the effect in no time.

    With our beautiful cards and set of decks, you can randomly choose any words that can help you throughout the day, it would be more fun and gives you a boost of positivity all throughout.

    I would like to say that let it be you who mesmerize and spreads that inner glow of positivity when you enter a room full of people. Let your positive radiance rub through.