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  • Monkey see, Monkey do!

    Monkey see, Monkey do!

    It starts with us! If we want our children to be healthy, eat clean, organic foods - we must be and we must live the life and principles of this. 

    If our children see what we do, they want to join in - and usually in most cases they want to be included! 

    Starting your own self-love and self-care journey is such a sacred act, and when you start, start your children as well (You can never start to early!)

    Our kids affirmation cards are so special - created with the intention to start conversations 🙏

    Here is how:

    *use one affirmation card for the whole week; read it, repeat it each day of the week and start integrating it* 💛

    DAY 1️⃣ When practising affirmations ask your child, their perception on what it means.

    There is no right or wrong answer, just listen and allow them to answer.

    DAY 2️⃣ Ask them when they have seen, or heard a time of when they have been that (EG, being kind)

    DAY 3️⃣ Tell them a time that upset you, or made you happy or had an impact in your life in relation to the affirmation (eg; being kind)

    DAY 4️⃣ Ask your child how they were kind today or another person was.

    DAY 5️⃣ Ask your child how they can show more kindness in their life.

    Using affirmation cards aren’t just standing in front of a mirror and repeating the affirmation - it is that, but it’s also a journey in itself to your heart to love who you truly are ♥️