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  • Navigating anxiety, overwhelm and intrusive thoughts

    Navigating anxiety, overwhelm and intrusive thoughts

    Its something you can hardly describe those that get it, just GET IT, those that don’t, think you are crazy…. Its sad, and what makes it even more challenging is getting caught in a spiral thought, that is an overwhelming amount of information coming through you that isn’t pleasant.

    Anxiety, overwhelm, depression, and intrusive thoughts in my own world, are symptoms of my spirit leading me into a new direction…. Can you open up more deeply and feel into yourself where you aren’t in alignment?

    Intrusive thoughts come to everyone, no matter how much yoga one does, how many hours of meditation, or how many affirmations you read in your head, we simply cannot always be positive, because we are humans. We change ourselves, our relationships, where we live, what we do, how we do it, our beliefs, our values, our lifestyle, we really are complex, we change every moment, which can sometimes have its challenges with embodying what you are becoming and shedding the old versions of you.

    Overwhelm comes, even when there is nothing overwhelming going on…. Or it is so subtle, and we aren’t truly connected to our self to even feel into this overwhelm and its root cause.

    It can be a lack of awareness to our needs, our disconnection to feeling and expressing our truth, and living that authentically, our dysregulated nervous systems, our lack of community, our expectations from society, family, friends, the pressure from a job that we really don’t give a fuck about, and truth is it doesn’t really give a fuck about you back…….

    Anxiety, a modern word that I didn’t even know existed until only 10 years ago, or only started hearing it being thrown around every single day by someone I was surrounded by. A subtle nervousness, worry and stress that lives inside of us, almost always due to how we live in this western world…. It can almost be awakened just by looking at your phone and taking a sip of coffee.

    My experiences of anxiety, overwhelm and intrusive thoughts have been a life long journey, realising that i have been living so unconsciously, even when I thought what I was doing was good for me.

    An awakening like no other, that led to another awakening, and another, followed by yet another.

    A re-remembering, a spiral of forgetting, remembering, forgetting and remembering.

    It starts with looking after your 3 treasures, the body, mind, and soul, this can look different to everyone.

    Ask yourself, in a journal how does this look for you and write it down…… allow whatever comes to mind first be your guide.

    If you get stuck, here are some navigators to get you started…

    Nourishing your mind;

    • If you haven’t read in some time, start with 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night
    • Start practising affirmations, using affirmation cards
    • Journal, start journalling in the morning and evening
    • Meditate, if you are beginner start with a guided body scan meditation

    Nourishing your body

    • Move your body, if you struggle spread 3X10 minute walks out throughout the day
    • Chi gong, tai chi, yoga, strength training, mobility, deep stretching
    • Body work and massage treatment
    • Listen to your body and what it needs or wants
    • Eat organic, clean produce, cook at home with no seed oils – start honouring your temple and reading labels
    • Drink 2-4L of clean filtered water

    Nourishing your soul;

    • Grounding, take yourself to the ocean or nature and ground yourself
    • Breathwork
    • Live happy, slow and consciously

    If you are currently experiencing this, I would suggest to lean into this feeling, put a guided meditation on, and focus on your breath, this sensation, this feeling is coming up for a reason to be felt, it could very well be your spirit rocking your head to push you into a new direction, don’t fight it, get off your phone and melt yourself into this feeling, until it dissolves, and remember, you aren’t this feeling, it is only temporary, and you have the power to move through this.

    Remind yourself now that ‘this too shall pass’.