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  • Power of affirmations

    Power of affirmations

    Feel the Power of Affirmations

    When I was younger, my parents taught me to be positive on every situation that arise from a negative situation, ie, getting low scores on exams, feeling bullied at school, etc. The positive words reflected from my parents is that I could do better next time or that I could do better than my peers. Little did I know that this was a subtle form of affirmation, albeit, not directly felt and emphasized.

    As I grew older, there were experiences far worse when I was younger. These were moments I consider as my ‘rite of passage’. It was tough phase, and most were heartbreaking. As I go through these, I could not help but get depressed and there were moments of self-hate and feeling low that I thought I would never want to live for another day.

    Then one day, I stumbled on a book from our local library. It was a book about being attuned to the Universal Consciousness, using affirmations. It was like the Universe telling me to pick up pieces of me, I would say it was a perfect timing, to which this day, I carry on.

    Affirmations can help us change our mind, mood, and health, and reach new levels of awareness and happiness – from a simple thought of telling yourself before going to bed that tomorrow is a brand new day - is itself a thought directed towards the great unknown or to the universe.

    When speaking an affirmation, you can speak it aloud, or silently. Be sure to maintain a consciousness of the meaning of your words that are being spoke. Imagine it as if it is going to be alive. Speak it with a positive, expectant attitude, until the whole of your mental being is affected positively by the meaning.


    To get its result, one must be mindful to repeat an affirmation three to five times, the goal is to achieve a full and positive response from our mental and spiritual being. Whatever you want in life, say it with an affirmation until you get it.


    Try this, it works!