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  • Self Love Rituals that have changed my life

    Self Love Rituals that have changed my life

    Self-love, a buzz word, a trend right now, taking baths, massaging your body, not responding to texts straight away, meditating, yoga. Yes, they are all of these, but self-love goes so much deeper….

    Do you really innerstand self-love? Self-love looks different from person to person, it’s a deep feeling to honour yourself, your body, your being. Its cultivating practises and rituals consciously, with your full present self, done with intention.

    Serenade yourself into your own personal self-love ceremony.


    There are many different breath work techniques, some easy, some may be a little more challenging and may require assistance for those who have not explored breathwork.

    DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING, a practise that is something you can do sitting, lying down on your back or standing, and in most instances, can be done anywhere.

    Placing your hands where feels comfortable to you, your sides, on your heart, or your belly.

    Taking a slow breath in through your nose, counting to 5, feeling your belly rise, hold for a moment, and then slowly exhale through your nose counting to 5, feeling your belly release.

    Continue for minimum 5 rounds or start with 5 minutes and each day increase by 5 minutes, up to 60 minutes.

    Explore many different breathing practises online or look for a facilitator online or near you!


    Allowing your vessel to soak in beautiful oils, salts, herbs, and botanicals is a way to cleanse your spirit, nurture your body, and relax the mind.

    Love from me co consciously create beautiful blends, made to order, order here.

    Recommend to only have your phone near you for music or sounds, so your whole being is present in this experience. Allow yourself to soak and float into the abys as you recharge.


    Rewire your subconscious mind programming, changing your beliefs through affirmations and mantras.

    Love from me co create different affirmation cards for certain ages, stages and phases, order here. 


    Journaling can be taken so broadly and can be taken out of context if you have never explored journaling. Here are some ways that you can journal:

    • Create a heading topic and journal from that one word, sentence, or prompt
    • Create a list of prompts to explore, or google some journal prompts that resonate to you
    • Journal whatever comes to your mind, whether its something that is worrying you, stressing you, or something that needs to just get out of your mind
    • A list of what you are grateful for in this moment


    • Explore your consciousness, through meditation, listen to a guided meditation, shamanic drumming, HZ frequency/different brain waves state frequencies to tune into your soul.

    Dissolve into no thoughts, or explore where your mind may take you.

    • Contemplate on your senses; list 5 things you can sense in each category of your senses
    • Yoga nidra
    • Listen to a thought provoking view of others lives journeys with an open mind, you can YouTube certain contemplative meditations, or words such as exploring consciousness, altered state in consciousness, gene keys transmission….. See where you land and trust it.

    Remember, it isn’t always instant to drop out of your mind into your body, this can take practise and patience.


    Purchase yourself a beautiful organic toxic free (If possible, of course) body wash or soap.

    Putting on some beautiful meditation, self-love medicine music, taking a shower and visualising any energy that you have taken on through the day to wash away off from you body and energy field.

    As you wash your body, slowly and intently focusing on each area of your body, expressing love, thanks and gratitude for that body part and area for all that it does for you, take your time as you work through from your feet to your head, or wherever directions feel best for you.


    Depending how comfortable you are in your skin, you can do mirror work in many ways.

    Naked. Dressed in sexy lingerie, dressed in your favourite outfit, or whatever this post finds you wearing right now.

    Putting some music on, eye gazing with yourself in the mirror for as long as you feel, and then start dancing while looking at yourself, admiring your body, beauty and essence!


    A beautiful practise to deepen your connection with your body. Using a gorgeous oil, body butter or balm, softly massaging each area of your body, this is perfect right after the shower ritual and mirror work.


    Immersing yourself into nature, without any music, technology, just you and nature, whether that’s the ocean, bush, forest, national park, wherever you feel called to explore.

    Ignite your senses and taking deep breaths, no where to be and no where to go, there is no rush, consciously connecting to the surroundings, the slower you are, the more you will see and hear, who knows what magnificent creature will cross your path, or what plants and flowers will hypnotise you with their magical beauty.

    Turning a leaf over and putting it to your palm to remembering oneness, and our interconnectedness of everything.

    Taking your shoes off and for 10 minutes, grounding yourself to the earth, letting it balance you and harmonise your energy.