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  • Using affirmations to attract your SOUL MATE and LOVE into your LIFE!

    Using affirmations to attract your SOUL MATE and LOVE into your LIFE!

    “In life, nothing happens by chance. Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. Even your intentions before birth. You have a soul. You are much more than simply a body with a mind. And “life” for you extends far beyond the limits of your present physical incarnation.”


    How can I find love – how our affirmations can help you attract the perfect partner into your life

    Each one of us feels a longing for a companionship in a certain point in our life. This is human nature. When you desire for a commitment, aka love, one should be ready and open to change. Why change? It is because you are sharing a chunk of yourself with that person, and you will exhibit to form a new behaviour, one that is lovable, kind, patient and amorous, it is not you anymore but rather, a twin flame sharing its destiny.

    I suggest that the best time to find love is when you are fully-aware that you have loved yourself. To love yourself means to accept yourself, to respect who you are and to come to terms with those facets of your life that you cannot change. It simply means valuing yourself, having a positive image, and unconditional self-acceptance. I am not saying that after finding love, you will stop loving yourself, this is very important as you should know how worthy you are of attracting love

    “Self-love is not love that is received from anything outside of the self. Self-love is love OF the Self BY the Self—for the sheer beauty, the sheer wonder, the sheer joy of the Self, being who and what it truly is.” (Neale Donald Walsch)

    The Common Denominator of Love.

    Simply put, like attracts like. So, when it comes to relationships, we need to be what we want to attract, hence, we need to become the person we’d like to spend time with!

    Start by conditioning your mind. Tell yourself that you are now ready for someone to love you. We have a promising and effective deck of cards on how to attract love by using affirmations.

    Start on a date that is auspicious to you, it could be your birthday, a new year (thus new beginnings) or any month which falls on the 6th. The number six (6) is a symbol of completeness, charm and noble ideals, it is the number of Venus, The Goddess of Love. It is also known as the motherhood number, as it represents nurture, unconditional love, protection and healing.

    Sometimes we want all the heat too soon. Take time to develop a warm friendship and see if the sparks of that fondness take you to the next level. As a quote from a song aptly suggest: And to inspire you in looking for love, I would like to pull a quote from a song about love: “Love is friendship that has caught fire “.

    In my next blog, I will share a few statements of affirmations on how to attract love in your life.