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  • What is an affirmation and how to use affirmations

    What is an affirmation and how to use affirmations

    Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.

    Research has shown that approximately 50,000 subconscious thoughts we may have in just one day, 20% are positive and 80% are negative.

    Affirmations can help rewire your mind by making you consciously aware of your thoughts, in time they can assist you in controlling your thoughts, being able to catch yourself before you think negatively, or to become the observer of your thoughts, where negative thoughts no longer effect you and there is no such thing is right or wrong, or good and bad because you are simply just the witness. 

    To use affirmations and to affirm is to say a statement that is positive to you. An affirmation is being firm and assertive and declaring a positive thought that is true, and already your reality. With an open mind, a strong belief, you can achieve anything - you just need to get out of your own way! 

    Download our beginners guide to affirmations for your journey - Click Here.

    How to use affirmations in your daily life;

    There is no wrong or right way on how to use affirmation cards, do what flows for you! 

    1. Placing it on your work desk at home or when at work as a reminder throughout the day. The universe never lies, the cards never lie, throughout the day you may look back and it could be the perfect reminder, or the perfect reflection after a recent conversation, trigger, or after finishing a big stressful meeting. 
    2. put them on your vision board, or in other areas like your car, in your wallet or handbag 
    3. Mirror work 
    4. Placing them on your night stand every night and reading one each morning and night. You can take your practise to a new level by meditating on the affirmation, talking about the affirmation, journaling on the affirmation and reflecting on it
    5. use them as a mantra in meditation
    6. shuffle them and pull one a day as a focus for the day, reflect, journal, contemplate and meditate on that one card
    7. shuffle them when you need motivation, inspiration, pull one and start a practise with meditation and breath work
    8. Create conscious conversations for learning and growth 

    When using them with your children you can use them as above, or one of our most favourite way of using affirmation cards is by; with any deck especially our childrens deck to help guide them and start conversations;

    Here is how:

    *use one affirmation card for the whole week; read it, repeat it each day of the week and start integrating it* 💛

    DAY 1️⃣ When practising affirmations ask your child, their perception on what it means.

    There is no right or wrong answer, just listen and allow them to answer.

    DAY 2️⃣ Ask them when they have seen, or heard a time of when they have been that (EG, being kind)

    DAY 3️⃣ Tell them a time that upset you, or made you happy or had an impact in your life in relation to the affirmation (eg; being kind)

    DAY 4️⃣ Ask your child how they were kind today or another person was.

    DAY 5️⃣ Ask your child how they can show more kindness in their life.

    Using affirmation cards aren’t just standing in front of a mirror and repeating the affirmation - it is that, but it’s also a journey in itself to your heart to love who you truly are ♥️

    Download our beginners guide to affirmations for your childrens journey - Click Here.