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  • August - 8/8 - Lions Gate Portal - All things #spiritual

    August - 8/8 - Lions Gate Portal - All things #spiritual

    The Auspicious Month of August

    This month of August has an auspicious number -  08/08.

    I’ve learnt that the number 8 evokes prosperity and good luck. The number 8 also stands for infinity. The infinity symbol looks like a horizontal version of number 8.

    What is even more striking is the fact that last 08/08/2020, the blazing sun in Leo linked up with the brightest star Sirius (said to be the second brightest star after the Sun) and created a cosmic alignment known as the “Lion’s Gate Portal”.

    There are a lot of pages that you can refer to for more information about the Lion’s Gate Portal. I suggest making the most out of this ‘opening’ as it will last only until August 22, 2020, which is the end of the Leo season.


    So, what did I do last August 8, 2020? I meditated and focused on my affirmations. Saying your affirmation out loud or silently and with the purest intentions, one can attract energies from the universe and can help you achieve it. If you have trouble looking for the right words to say, our beautiful, unique affirmation card decks can assist you and your family in doing so.

    Doing affirmations daily helps you in resolving your drive to go through life with passion. Whatever that ‘drive’ would be - be it having a successful career, a happy family, picking up from a tumultuous relationship, or just saying an affirmation of deep gratitude for the life you have now means that you are keeping your core in balance and in check!


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