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  • Helping your little ones to become kind, confident, resilient using positive affirmations ♡

    Helping your little ones to become kind, confident, resilient using positive affirmations ♡

    Here at Love From Me Co we want to make a difference. It is so important that we all feel safe and secure in our own skin and self-appreciation and mindfulness is a vital step in achieving this. Children should be allowed to be children, care-free and loving life but in this day and age life can be very challenging for our little ones, just as it can be for us.


    If you imagine us as adults starting a new job, it is often very daunting and can cause considerable anxiety as to whether you are good enough to do the job. This is the same for children starting kindy or school, they get placed into a completely alien environment with so many pressures from impressing teachers to making new friends as well as being separated from their parents/carers so it is vital that they feel happy, safe and confident in their own skin. This is where positive affirmations are so important and Our Love From Me Co children’s affirmation cards teach just that.


    If we create a positive thought process in our little ones, they will not only be able to think positively about themselves but also guide others into feeling good about themselves. As well as having a positive effect on individuals our children’s affirmation cards are also designed to have a snowball effect into the community through kids practising and teaching positive affirmations between themselves.


    Through or Children’s Affirmation Cards our goal is to eliminate feelings of self doubt in our children and encourage them to be grateful for all their amazing and unique attributes. Let’s encourage our children to love themselves and others so that we can create a happier, more care-free space for our children.

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