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  • How our affirmation card decks are different... ⋒

    How our affirmation card decks are different... ⋒

    Feeling good about yourself is not something that is inbuilt but something that is learnt by our environment, interaction, achievements, encouragement and a positive mindset.


    Love From Me Co’s Children’s Affirmation cards are one of the first tools you can use to help your little ones learn to love and appreciate themselves. We as humans are a product of our own environment which speaks volumes for how important it is for us to teach our kids to value themselves, their environment and their loved ones.


    Introducing positive affirmations can plant seeds of possibility for our little ones. Once they believe in themselves and their ability to do one small task, it will open up many avenues and possibilities for them. Once they are encouraged on their achievements, they will be grateful to themselves for making it possible and may even be motivated to achieve more.


    Every child is different and Love From Me Co is focused on helping to acknowledge every child’s unique strengths to uncover a new sense of confidence that will in turn help them to believe in their own ability to succeed.

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