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  • How our Love From Me Co Affirmation Cards Can Help Your Child Today

    How our Love From Me Co Affirmation Cards Can Help Your Child Today

    How our Love From Me Co Affirmation Cards Can Help Your Child Today.

    As a Mum, there are times when I dread the thought of my child being bullied at school, doing poorly in his academics or even yet, sustaining a low self-esteem at school.

    We know that from toddler to adolescence, these are the stages that memories are encoded, feelings and individuality are being developed and so forth.

    With school and peer pressure, a child can sometimes shy away from his/her emotional and psychological development. Sometimes, teachers, friends and parents expect too much of our child and in turn, they may want to meld with everyone’s expectations. There is obviously a conflict within self to which it result.

    My child is acting out

    One fine day, I noticed that my child was unusually quiet upon coming back from school, which isn’t always the case. I never hesitated to asked as a concerned parent, however, kids that they are, they don’t take this parent ‘interrogation’ quite helpful.

    Parents may keep in mind that young people are quiet for more than one reason. The most common attributes are fear of communication and skill deficiencies. Such people are likely to develop low self-esteem and consider themselves timid.

    Alternative parenting

    I started to think of ways that I won’t have to act like I am meddling with or interrogating my child. This time, I thought of introducing affirmation cards. I started out with 10 beautifully hand-made cards. These were stored upright and in a back position in a ceramic bright orange container. I believe that orange sparks creativity and inspiration.

    I asked my family that from now on, all of us are going to pick up a random card a day, ‘just for fun’, and to share what their card reveals during our time at breakfast.

    My first cards started out simple and lovingly, ie: “I am enough”, “I am blessed to have a wonderful family and friends,” to a more profound phrase like: “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” {1}

    On my first occasion, I never pushed myself to expand what my child’s card meant or everyone else’s. I had to let him share what his thoughts were after reading it, in this way, I may not have to sound like I am ready to spew out words and advices so he can be himself again.

    From a simple plan to a great strategy

    What went out as a breakfast routine, turned out to be a tradition. I noticed that everyone around me is now more relaxed and at ease with who they are and what they are feeling at the moment. We now carry a grace of transformation within ourselves. The cards were an encouragement and brought so much positivity on our lives. There are problems that crop up sure enough but through our daily affirmations, we now believe that there is no problem that is being given to us that we ourselves could not handle. That is the impact of using affirmation cards!

     Affirmation words can also be used for meditation

    When we focus our mind on a positive affirmation and thought, it acts as a prayer or a meditative word to use. You may choose to repeat a phrase in your mind, like “I am at peace,” or “Let thy healing power flow through me, in my life, day by day,” then try to hold the feeling of the phrase (healing, love or peace) in your consciousness as you sit in silence. Even beginners may experience the calming effects of a few moments of purposeful silence or positively focused thought.

    Accordingly, there are 3 stages of saying our affirmations daily as referenced from Edgar Cayce’s Book of Affirmation For Meditation. These are:

    Stage One: Think about what the words of the affirmation mean.

    Stage Two: As you continue thinking about what the affirmation means, you begin to feel   what it means.


    Stage Three: As you hold on to the feeling of the affirmation, your awareness shifts to experiencing it.



    If you notice your mind has wandered, gently go back to Stage One.


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