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  • How to Form a New Habit For Your Child

    How to Form a New Habit For Your Child

    We totally get it!

    It is hard to watch your child form new habits, especially at a young age. Maybe it's hard for them to understand, maybe you are getting tired of watching them over and over without getting it right, maybe you are short on time. 

    Well, let us tell you - We have made it easy. Follow these easy steps, and you will see new habits become effortless. 

    *When it comes to children under 9 years old, habit formation can be slightly harder - be patient and give a little more time!* 

    3-4 years old 

    At this age, parents and carers have introduced some basic responsibility, this may include putting the toys away first, and then letting them know what happens after. (maybe it's snack time, dinner time, park time or something else) 

    At this age instilling these habits is crucial, and can be done daily. 

    Forming a habit of the use of Affirmation Cards can be, done by repetition, using them at the same time each day, and more than once a day.

    This could be morning and night, before bed and upon waking. Make sure you say, "are you ready for your morning affirmations?" Make it exciting, playful and educational all at the same time. This can be as small as 5-15 minutes! 

    5-7 years old 

    At this age, children are dressing themselves and doing basic chores. 

    This may include taking the rubbish out, dusting, setting the table and helping with the washing. 

    Forming a habit at this age can be done through engagement, entertainment and education. Try using affirmation cards daily together for 2 weeks, and then see how your child goes on their own. If they need assistance remembering, put it beside their bed, in their lunch box or try doing them at breakfast time together. 

    8-10 years old 

    It is never to late to introduce a new habit, especially affirmation cards!

    At this age your child is probably helping chop vegetables, eager to learn new things, and asking lots of questions. At this age retention can be easier and less time of working together so they learn. 

    Try using affirmation cards daily for a week, you can try different things each day.

    1. A game

    2. put it in their lunch box

    3. put one on the mirror each day 

    4. Put one on their plate before breakfast 

    5. Put it in their school book 

    6. Night time before bed reading and then affirmations! 

    If you get stuck instilling habits, remember to give positive recognition.... Like, how their behaviours is improving, or how proud you are, or try rewards! 


    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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