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  • How to use affirmation cards with your kids

    How to use affirmation cards with your kids

    Here are our tips on how and when you can use affirmation cards with your children:

    • Pop an affirmation card in your child's lunch box!

    • Put a new affirmation on your child's mirror in their room or bathroom before they get ready!
    • Play a game with the affirmations; Mind memory games, Snap!, colouring in, or another game you may think of!
    • Affirmation of the day! Each day have an affirmation, and each evening talk about how they did, achieved whatever the affirmation was.
    • Let your child draw or write about the affirmation, this helps them understand more!
    • Put an affirmation card in their school note pad 
    • Pull a card each day and practise saying it a loud or in their head 10 times 
    • Do it together, show them how to do it. Your child will follow you and mirror you - Keep it up, and so will they!

    "When you invest in yourself, you have instant credibility with your biggest critic...you! As soon as you let doubt creep in---you lose that investment. Make a daily commitment to assess your worth with positive affirmations and watch your investment grow.”― C.Toni Graham

    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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