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  • The power of Affirmations for Children

    The power of Affirmations for Children

    Did you know, a lot of anxiety, thoughts, beliefs, habits and emotions are carried as adults from conditioning and experiences stemmed from childhood. 

    Everyone has their own experiences from childhood, memories, triggers  - which makes us all unique. And their own belief systems created about ourselves, from external talk - Teachers, Friends, Family and other people your children have come into contact with, even from reading books, magazines, social media, TV, radio, role models and certain advertising these platforms and things can either be negative on belief systems or positive. 

    It is important for parents and carers to love, encourage and support their kids, but it is also important, if not even more important for children to do this, and create this within themselves. 

    Affirmation Cards are a powerful tool to move through negative thoughts, self-doubt and certain emotions. Affirmations help children/and adults, transform their thoughts and beliefs. If your child believes they are "beautiful just the way i am", says it, affirms it they will feel that they are just that, they will see that they are just that, and this will improve their self esteem, confidence and resilience.

    However, if they think while doing their homework "I am stupid, how could i get this wrong....!", then they will feel stupid, act stupid and portray that more as they have thought about it, affirmed it and said it. 

    This is why positive affirmations are important to help kids plant a seed in their mind and watch it grow through time, repetition and belief! Setting a positive foundation and instilling it makes it harder to change once we have matured, and that's why using affirmation cards at a young age is a great tool for your child! 

    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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