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  • Things to do before school! Create Positive habits for your children

    Things to do before school! Create Positive habits for your children

    It can get a bit chaotic in our house hold, getting ready for the day, making sure the children have had breakfast, are clean and ready for a day at school.

    Affirmation Cards will not only help your child become more positive, mindful, happy, confident, but they will also create your child to want to do more things that make them feel good. Our 'Things to do before school' includes;

    Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast, drinking water, going for a walk, singing, dancing, telling their family that they love them, and expressing gratitude. 

    We have created a printable and downloadable 'Things to do before school', so that your child can start to create their own morning routine, ritual to instil positive daily habits. 

    Download and print your PDF version here.

    Things to do before school


    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

    Instil positive habits from a young age, and watch your children become happy beings!  

    See the benefits for your children using our Children’s Positive Affirmation Cards.

    Our Children Affirmation Cards can not only transform your child’s life, behaviour and mindfulness, however will also transform you, your home, your energy and your relationship with your child!

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