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  • When should I use affirmations?

    When should I use affirmations?

    There really is no wrong or right time for when to use affirmations, whenever you need them.

    Whether you find yourself in a challenging situation, have an exam coming up, or you have a daily practise. Affirmations can help you, and your mind, not only just generally, but also to get through a difficult situation.


    We have listed below some ideal times when to use affirmations;

    • A morning routine to set the intention for the day. Using affirmations and talking positive to yourself to set you off for a great day! Our words and our thoughts create our reality.


    • Reading an affirmation at breakfast, lunch and dinner – A nice reminder to come back to centre and express your gratitude and thanks to the meal you are about to eat.


    • Training for a marathon or other sport, affirmations can help you believe you are capable of reaching your goals.
    • You have just been called for your annual review with you boss, saying some quick affirmations before a difficult conversation or meeting can give you the confidence to go in there and say what you want to say with total confidence.


    • Struggling with a certain bully at school. Practising affirmations can give you the self esteem to walk away from that bully, confront an adult and give you the self esteem to talk to someone about it.


    Anytime, anywhere – there are no rules!

    Give yourself the love you deserve and show yourself that you are worthy, start using affirmations today!

    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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