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  • Why affirmation cards are important for children

    Why affirmation cards are important for children

    Did you know, according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) depression, anxiety and many disorders can be avoided through developing a pattern of positive thinking in children and adolescence.

    Positive affirmations can be a contributing factor to embedding positive routines, rituals, manners, communication and thoughts to your child’s life. It is important to instil these habits from as young as possible to create positive belief systems, self-worth, confidence and a healthy attitude towards life.

    Affirmation Cards Build Strength and Resilience  

    Providing positive feedback on effort and achievement is a great way to verbally build resilience in your child. Affirmation cards can also build strength and resilience, by providing motivation, courage and positively affirming that your child will get through a difficult task or meet that challenging goal. The more your child is reassured, the more they read affirmations, practise affirmations and affirm them – the more resilience and strength they will build!

    Affirmation Cards Increase Self Esteem

    As a parent you can compliment your child and acknowledging there effort is a massive confidence booster, and is music to your child’s ears when they hear you, their parent or carer give you a verbal pat on the back!

    Children Affirmation cards are that additional repetition, the morning mindful practise to give them that mental self-esteem boost and confidence kick!

    Affirmation Cards Shift Negative Beliefs

    When your child uses affirmation cards, it will not only consciously shift negative beliefs, but it will replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs.

    All children will face some sort of bullying, challenge, difficult task or something that may make them think negatively onto themselves or others.

    Having a positive practise using affirmation cards can help shift your child’s beliefs, thoughts and how they deal with bullies, challenging tasks or difficult situations.

    Affirmation Cards Create Mindfulness

    A simple, interactive and fun, mindful practise that your child can do each and every day to practise mindfulness and instil positivity is key!

    Using kids affirmation cards is an exercise in being grateful, seeing the positive in everything and being thankful for the small things in life!

    Your child will start focusing on things they can do, rather than what they cant do. Focusing and celebrating the positive things in each and every single situation.


    Lets become more connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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