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  • Why we need to be kind to our kids and ourselves

    Why we need to be kind to our kids and ourselves

    Affirmations allow us to speak to ourselves out loud or in our head with a kind, caring and loving attitude. This positive self talk, through repetition will allow you/us to grow into a more kind, caring and loving person. 

    Without affirmations as child to then a young teen, to our early adolescence we develop habits, habits like self criticism, this harming our confidence, belief in ourselves and lowering our resilience. For kids to learn how to use affirmations and affirmation cards to then harness positive thoughts, and self talk from an early age, will help prevent self doubt, criticism and negative thought patterns. 

    Embracing Kindness to ourselves, and our children and those around us, will mean we will be mirrored kindness back to us.

    Have you ever been in a store, and the shop assistant has been rude or unkind towards you for no reason?

    Instead of being rude or unkind back, reflect a kind and caring attitude. This will make the shop assistant feel confused, and then change their mindset to be kind back. Cut the chains, don't mirror back a feeling or emotion, give or put back what you would like back in return. 

    When we feel that we are not in a good head space, not the best mindset, had a big day, or maybe someone was unkind to us, it makes it feel easier to be unkind to other people, and mostly those closest to us. The power of affirmations can rewire our brain, to stop, acknowledge and move on, so previous experiences, and exterior things happening around us, do not affect us. This cuts the chain of sad, angry, anxious emotions, so we don't then be unkind, and we show kindness. 

    Being kind to ourselves and others and instilling kindness from a young age is important.

    Remember, we never know what another person is going through or feeling, if someone is being unkind there is always a reason. Break the ties, and always show a caring, loving, kind attitude, and you shall get that in return.

    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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