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  • Can Affirmations Counteract Bullying?

    Can Affirmations Counteract Bullying?

    Bullying should not exist, children that bully need to use affirmations, and children that have been or are being bullied need affirmations.

    If you look back to when you were a child in school, did you ever experience an act of bullying? 

    Maybe you were a bully, you were bullied or you saw someone being bullied. Most children do not realise the effects bullying has, if you were to ask some one who is now an adult but was a bully in school, they either do not remember, or they feel very bad for how they treated people, in most cases they treated other people badly, because they had certain insecurities, were bullied themselves, or had other issues that were not dealt with. 

    Those who were bullied, also may be vulnerable to bullying in the cases of they may portray their insecurities, lack confidence or may act different to other children - which is something you should embrace!

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    So, in a nutshell affirmations and using affirmation cards can counteract bullying. 

    One of the best ways to counteract negative statements and bullying is to use positive affirmations. These are positive statements that are repeated over and over again, so that they reprogram and rewire their thoughts about themselves, and their thought patterns. The objective of this is so your child will learn to make positive statements, thoughts and beliefs of who they are, who they want to be and what they want in their life. Through a daily practise, and repetition eventually, your child will have positive thoughts, beliefs and trajectory on their life. 

    This is important, because if your child has been bullied in the past, they have a triggered traumatic experience that needs to be dealt with. 

    This is also important to look at if your child is currently being bullied. 

    Bullying is important, if you or your child have been bullied or are currently being bullied, or if your child is a bully there is work to be done mentally, physically and emotionally to work through this. 

    We hope that our affirmation cards can help you on this journey, so you can combat bullying through the power of affirmations. 


    Let’s become more grateful, connected, mindful and positive. And raise the children of today, to be great positive leaders for tomorrow.

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